Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Swim Suits .

      I'm oh so sorry I've been out for so long. It was a holiday weekend. And not only the 4th of July but also my birthday! It was absoutely spectacular. And I had so much fun. My awesome mom let me get my lip pierced finally. I got "The Monroe" and it's fabulous. And I got the incredible surprise of having my twin/cousin/ best friend in the the whole wide world sleep ove for the whole weekend! Yep, we're awesome :D
     And I'm back to talk to you guys about all the fabulous swim suits out there. Because, well, it's summer and if your anything like me, you live in your swim suits everyday. Here are some of my favorites:

     I am obsesses with the bikini. I think I've only owned one one-piece before and that was when I was really little. I wouldn't mind having a beautiful monokini.
     I really love the old-fashioned swim suits. When I visited New York at the beginning of the summer, we went to the fashion museum and the collection thay had otu was sports wear through-out the years. And of course they had some swim suits. And it was really cool to see the evolution of what swim suits have become through out the years.
     A modern day take of the old-fashioned swim suit.
     This monokini would leave really odd tan lines. I absoutly loathe tan lines.
       The incredible monokini in different variations.
     I love bikin tops with the little trinkets in the middle of them. They're so different then a plain old bikini and really let you stand out.