Friday, July 29, 2011

Jerseylicious .

       So, there's this show that I'm obsessed with. It's called Jerseylicious. It's kind of a like Jersey Shore, except this show is about hair stylists and make-up artist's in New Jersey. It's still reality T.V. , but it's also an amazing show. My little sister and I are always glued to the T.V. whenever there's marathon's of the show. There's these two girls on there that are ALWAYS fighting. Like, as soon as they met each other, they hated each other. There's Olivia and Tracy. Ashlee, (My little sister). and I, are team Olivia. Tracy, she's just crazy. And she's always twisting her words. It's crazy. But she has some cute accessories. Here's some photo's of the show, and the people in it:

       First girl, all the way to the left, is Olivia, then Alexa, and then Tracy .
      Here's the full cast.
      Here's Olivia and her former best friend, but they talked about there fights and now I think there friends again
 I love Olivia's outfit here.

And here's Gigi from the show. She's Ashlee's favorite.

      I mostly watch this show because of the fashion, and the jewelry. But, I still think you should check it out.