Friday, July 8, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away .

     Today, it's raining. I think the rain is beautiful and all, but I'd rather it'd be sunny in the summer. What better way to spend a rainy day than talking about rain wear fashion ? Honestly, the only rain clothes that I think are cute are umbrella's. And those rain boots are really cute. You know the ones that it seems like everyone is suddenly wearing? I need to find me a hot pink pair of those.:) (My favorite color.) And a lot of different kinds of people can pull them of i.e :
Adorable, right?

I'd do anything to have a pet pig...
Back on subject now.

Some really cute umbrella's out there..:

 Panda's are so cute.
 I really love these black, lace ones. Gives out a huge vintage vibe.
And, of course, the beautiful ones they always seem to have at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows. I absolutely love the stuff in those.<3

Whenever it rains, I always hope I'll see a rainbow. Because they're so spectacular. They're, out of this world, if you will.

       And just a photo of a really nice rain outfit.
      And a photo of one of my idols, Marilyn Monroe. She was just beautiful. And I think she really liked polka spots. I was just reading the july issue of Elle. And one of the huge fashion spreads was showing tons and tons of polka spots, and they was a photo of Marilyn Monroe with a polka spot swim suit.