Monday, July 11, 2011

Lady Gaga .

     Lady Gaga, she's my hero. She loves to be different and doesn't care what other people think. She'll have the wackiest outfits and wear them with pride. I just love her. ^-^  Here's some photography of her fashions:

          She is fabulously creative with her outfits and choice of fashion.
         I once had a pair of sunglasses that were just like these, and I was so excited because I had something that Lady Gaga wore similar. But then I dropped them on a cement floor, and they broke.
       I loved her lightening blot that she wore for a little while.
          And her extremely famous entrance at the MTV Music Awards.
 I ♥ this tattoo .
          Her shoes are amazing .

 Her various hairstyles, and make-up.
        Her meat dress. I honestly didn't like this one because I've become a huge animal lover and I'm slowly trying to give up meat. I've given up pork and next I'm going to try red meat. And that outfit right there was a waste of killing animals, and all the kids out there that are starving.
 I really love the shoes she always wears.
And her extremely inspirational lyrics.

Lady Gaga has also launced her own fashion blog, Amen Fashion. ( )