Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Betsey Johnson Bag.

     For my birthday, my fabulous Nana and Pa got me a Betsey Johnson bag. It's from her line, Betseyville. And I think I'm in love. I originally wanted a pink one, but this bright,bright purple one caught my eye. It's made out of this odd material that I've never seen a bag made out of before. It feels likes plastic bag, but tougher. It's a tad hard to explain. But it's still equally gorgeous. Here's some photos:

     Here's a view of the front from far away.
      Here's a close up of the front.
     Here's the side of the bag. ( It looks the same on both sides.)
    The back of the bag.
    And, of course, Betsey's signature stamp.

     And I'm so thankful towards them for getting me this bag.<3