Friday, July 29, 2011

Jerseylicious .

       So, there's this show that I'm obsessed with. It's called Jerseylicious. It's kind of a like Jersey Shore, except this show is about hair stylists and make-up artist's in New Jersey. It's still reality T.V. , but it's also an amazing show. My little sister and I are always glued to the T.V. whenever there's marathon's of the show. There's these two girls on there that are ALWAYS fighting. Like, as soon as they met each other, they hated each other. There's Olivia and Tracy. Ashlee, (My little sister). and I, are team Olivia. Tracy, she's just crazy. And she's always twisting her words. It's crazy. But she has some cute accessories. Here's some photo's of the show, and the people in it:

       First girl, all the way to the left, is Olivia, then Alexa, and then Tracy .
      Here's the full cast.
      Here's Olivia and her former best friend, but they talked about there fights and now I think there friends again
 I love Olivia's outfit here.

And here's Gigi from the show. She's Ashlee's favorite.

      I mostly watch this show because of the fashion, and the jewelry. But, I still think you should check it out.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fashion Photography [ 7-25-11 ]

      Sorry I've been so lazy and haven't been posting lately. I was with friends during the weekend and yesterday it was raining. But fear not! I've got my weekly fashion photography photo's for all of you guys out there:

 Katy Perry always has the most stunning dresses.
       These tights are so cute, and there edgy. And the scarf of course. (I'm obsessed with animal prints(:  )

       Feather earrings are so nice and feminine in my opinion. I had two pairs but in the locker room at my school, someone stole them, unfortunately
      I don't know what it is, but I love everything about this photo. The tights, big hair, sipping coke out of bendy straws.

     I love Ugg's so much. And these are by Betsey Johnson! They don't sell them much place but I found these: There's not the exact same thing, but there awfully close.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Interview # 1 . Meghan [My Twin]

      So, my Auntie Mary gave me this idea to start interviewing people for my blog and asking them certain questions that portray their fashion sense and how they describe their style. I started off with Meghan because she's my fellow fashionista. Here's her outfit that she picked for this interview and the questions will follow:

1.) How would you describe your style?
     M- Boho, Rock and Roll, and Chic

2.) What's your favorite label?
     M- Alexander McQueen....That counts, right?

3.)What's your favorite store?
     M- Forever 21

4.)What's your style inspiration? Or who?
     M- Jessica Alba, Grace Potter, Vanessa Hudgens, And Kelly Osbourne

5.) Your must-have fall item?
    M- Knee high boots, of course.

6.) Your get-dressed philosophy?
     M- Have fun, go for it, and be confident in yourself no matter what anyone else thinks!

    Meghan, that's awesome(: I <3 you !

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shoes .

I'm obsessed with shoes. Like, absolutely obsessed. When there's a rainy day, I'll be a anti-social and look up shoes. When I move to New York City with my twin, we HAVE to have a closet specially assigned to shoes. I'm just OCD like that. Here's some really cute ones I've acquired throughout the years. Photo's that is. If I'd actually owned these, I'd be a happy girl.
I love these glitter shoes with the pictures on the bottom. It's like a show on your feet. When in front you'll see the glitter, when in back you'll glitter & a animal.

        Possibly a closet like this?
      These kind of shoes have a hidden platform. So, they look like your actually taller, and not just all heels.
         Don't bump into someone with these on account of them leaving scars.
      Even more so these.
         These are just plain fabulous.
 I saw these in the July issue of NYLON magazine. And I'd love to wear these with skinny jeans.
These I love because I'm in love with bows. I have this bow I put in my hair and it's fabulous. It takes up a whole side of my head, and it's really eye catching. Which, I kind of like.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Miley Cyrus .

      I don't normally like Disney girls,(I don't know, they just always irritated me. Possibly because I'm jealous?) But, I love Miley Cyrus. I never really watched Hannah Montana.(I think it was because everyone used to call me that and it irritated me because people always rhymed my name with other names. I'm not Hanna Montana, or Hanna Banana. I'm Hanna.) And well, I watch her movies that come out now that she's in, but it's really that I love her style. She wears what she's comfortable in. It may not be out-there like Lady Gaga or anything, but it's still nice. And this school year, I'm trying to incorporate her style into mine. She wears a lot of dark colors. And I'm into bright colors. So, I'd wear dark stuff and have one bright thing that'll make the outfit really pop out.

     I really like how she'll wear knee-high socks with boots. For you fun size girls out there, it really elongates your legs.
        Here's a close-up of her amazing shoes .
         See what I mean? She still looks fabulous with her down-to-earth outfits.
      Ahh, what I'd do to own this Chanel bag. Too bad I don't have a job..

 This whole exposed back thing is really nice and shoes the right amount of skin. Not too much, not too little. I'd like to get some shirts like this for school, except with lace. (Because I think they'd send me home with my back totally exposed like that.)
        Miley once wore this dress to some award show,(I don't remember which; I'm terrible at remembering that stuff.) But either way, it's still gorgeous.
    Oversize bag with a oversize sweater. Really diggin' that look.(: How about you?
       And another nice thing about her style? She could change it at the snap of her fingers. She could be all rock 'n roll-ish. Then, she'll be all nice and sweet wearing sundresses.
 I really like this bag, I wonder where she shops..
 I wanted to do this for my prom hairstyle, but I was a procrastinator and only had two days to figure out how to do it. I ended up just curling it.
   <3 These sunglasses. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Runway Fashion .

      I absolutely adore runway fashion. It's always so peculiar and out-there. And it's just absolutely amazing. Because these designers are just so creative. I really wish I'll be able to have my own runway shows of my own. ( I really want to be fashion designer when I'm older. I'm already designing clothes!) Here's some photo's of some fabulous runway shows:

       I'm not really sure what designer this is, the website I got this photo from didn't really describe in detail. But it's still equally gorgeous. I love that whole rockstar-vibe with studs.
       This is a Burberry jacket. And let's be honest, we crave this jacket .
      This is a Christian Dior runway shot. It's so feminine and soft.
       These two photo's are from Victoria's Secret Fashion shows. Below is the model Behati Prinsloo. The wings in these shows are stunning, They must feel like queens wearing them.
     This is a Jil Sander's cocktail dress.

    And then there's this Louis Vuitton runway photo. It's from their Fall 2009 collection. And sometimes you get these really dark runway shoes. But there still nice, of course.

Monday, July 18, 2011

FashionPhotography . [7-18-11]

       Sequins are just so fun. And a lot of people just refuse to wear anything that eye-caching. And I absolutely love it when people actually do wear them. Because that means that they really don't care what other people think of them. They like it, so they wear it.
        Katy Perry wore this amazing dress to an award show. Unfortunately, they didn't say which one. It's just a photography website: ( ).
        I absolutely love this shirt because I loathe math. I forget who said this but someone once me that they had a fight with math in sixth grade and the hadn't talked since then. And I love that!
      The whole leather jacket with with studs on the ankle boots, and the messy look; it's just gorgeous. And of course the saying that goes a long with the photo.
     I love this trend. The high waisted shorts. They're adorable! And they give off that grungy vibe.

      I love shredded denim. And for those fun size girls out there, they're supposed to make your legs look longer.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Glasses .

     Seeing I'm getting glasses very soon, ( I went to the eye doctors yesterday. That's why there wasn't a entry), I decided to put up some photography of eyewear:

      These are going to be my far away glasses. I already having reading glasses. ( The eye doctor told me that I have eyes of a fifty year old. ^-^ )
 These are also wicked cute.
      The famous Harry Party glasses. (Can't wait to see the last movie!!)
       I also love sunglasses.
 Wicked adorable!!