Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Miley Cyrus .

      I don't normally like Disney girls,(I don't know, they just always irritated me. Possibly because I'm jealous?) But, I love Miley Cyrus. I never really watched Hannah Montana.(I think it was because everyone used to call me that and it irritated me because people always rhymed my name with other names. I'm not Hanna Montana, or Hanna Banana. I'm Hanna.) And well, I watch her movies that come out now that she's in, but it's really that I love her style. She wears what she's comfortable in. It may not be out-there like Lady Gaga or anything, but it's still nice. And this school year, I'm trying to incorporate her style into mine. She wears a lot of dark colors. And I'm into bright colors. So, I'd wear dark stuff and have one bright thing that'll make the outfit really pop out.

     I really like how she'll wear knee-high socks with boots. For you fun size girls out there, it really elongates your legs.
        Here's a close-up of her amazing shoes .
         See what I mean? She still looks fabulous with her down-to-earth outfits.
      Ahh, what I'd do to own this Chanel bag. Too bad I don't have a job..

 This whole exposed back thing is really nice and shoes the right amount of skin. Not too much, not too little. I'd like to get some shirts like this for school, except with lace. (Because I think they'd send me home with my back totally exposed like that.)
        Miley once wore this dress to some award show,(I don't remember which; I'm terrible at remembering that stuff.) But either way, it's still gorgeous.
    Oversize bag with a oversize sweater. Really diggin' that look.(: How about you?
       And another nice thing about her style? She could change it at the snap of her fingers. She could be all rock 'n roll-ish. Then, she'll be all nice and sweet wearing sundresses.
 I really like this bag, I wonder where she shops..
 I wanted to do this for my prom hairstyle, but I was a procrastinator and only had two days to figure out how to do it. I ended up just curling it.
   <3 These sunglasses. :)