Monday, July 18, 2011

FashionPhotography . [7-18-11]

       Sequins are just so fun. And a lot of people just refuse to wear anything that eye-caching. And I absolutely love it when people actually do wear them. Because that means that they really don't care what other people think of them. They like it, so they wear it.
        Katy Perry wore this amazing dress to an award show. Unfortunately, they didn't say which one. It's just a photography website: ( ).
        I absolutely love this shirt because I loathe math. I forget who said this but someone once me that they had a fight with math in sixth grade and the hadn't talked since then. And I love that!
      The whole leather jacket with with studs on the ankle boots, and the messy look; it's just gorgeous. And of course the saying that goes a long with the photo.
     I love this trend. The high waisted shorts. They're adorable! And they give off that grungy vibe.

      I love shredded denim. And for those fun size girls out there, they're supposed to make your legs look longer.