Saturday, July 23, 2011

Interview # 1 . Meghan [My Twin]

      So, my Auntie Mary gave me this idea to start interviewing people for my blog and asking them certain questions that portray their fashion sense and how they describe their style. I started off with Meghan because she's my fellow fashionista. Here's her outfit that she picked for this interview and the questions will follow:

1.) How would you describe your style?
     M- Boho, Rock and Roll, and Chic

2.) What's your favorite label?
     M- Alexander McQueen....That counts, right?

3.)What's your favorite store?
     M- Forever 21

4.)What's your style inspiration? Or who?
     M- Jessica Alba, Grace Potter, Vanessa Hudgens, And Kelly Osbourne

5.) Your must-have fall item?
    M- Knee high boots, of course.

6.) Your get-dressed philosophy?
     M- Have fun, go for it, and be confident in yourself no matter what anyone else thinks!

    Meghan, that's awesome(: I <3 you !


Maryann said...

Love your blog, so keep up the good work!!
Thank you for using my suggestion. Nice interview. I like the outfit M choose. I also like Grace Potter's style. See I learned something new about you girls all the time I check in on the blog....'til next time!!