Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sky Ferreira - Obsession

Sky Ferreira .

       Has you'll find out through reading this blog, I love music videos and looking at the fashion behind them. Like, how they use clothing to show the personality of the singer. And one of those people that are very good at fashion, and is a really good singer, is Sky Ferreira. She wears clothes that people don't normally wear, and she has so much hair. I'm jealous! It's so long, and I've been trying to achieve long hair forever. Here's some photography of her fashions and hair, and after this I'll post a video.

 I love the look of nylons with shorts and combat boots.<3

 I want my hair to be this long!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Sorry .

     I'm sorry guys that I haven't been that consistent on updating this. It's just with volleyball and gymnastics and school coming up, I've been jammed packed. And I'm not going to be able to make really long posts like I normally do. It may just be a a picture with a caption on the day's that I'm really busy. And once school starts, I'll start putting up the daily outfits. I dress up more for school, then I do to chill around the house. Here's a photo for today:

Here's two yummy guys. (Well, Karl Lagerfeld being yummy because he designs for Chanel and Chanel is just fabulous. Johnny Depp is just cute.(: )

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Juicy Couture .

         An amazing brand out there is Juicy Couture. It's very glamorous. And that's part of the about of the site.

      "Juicy Couture embraces the bright, glamorous and fun of fashion by discovering the couture in the everyday, and delivering an element of surprise in all of its designs—fashion apparel for women, girls and baby, handbags, shoes, intimates, swimwear, fragrance, accessories, jewelry, sunglasses and small goods.
North America is home to over 100 Juicy Couture and Juicy Couture Outlet stores. You can also shop Juicy Couture in select department stores, online at and in over 60 countries across Europe, Asia, Latin America."

 They have a nice attitude towards fashion, huh? Here's some photography:

     It'd be a really awesome to add a Juicy Couture purse to my collection. (I collect Purses, they don't have to be name brands. But I'd like to have some, like Juicy Couture, and a Chanel.
     Juicy Couture also makes I-Pad cases. That's be a sick Christmas surprise present...And I-Pad, I mean.(;

     Juicy Couture is really known for their charm bracelets. They make really nice starter chains. Then they make tons of charms to add to it.
Such a pretty perfume bottle. I prefer Chance by Chanel for a scent though.

Friendship Bracelets.<3

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fashion Photography [8-22-11]

Here's the latest photography I found through out last week:

 Exclusively at Sephora, they sell this cosmetic line and it's Hello Kitty. They also have mirrors, perfume, eyeliners, eye shadow, brush sets,( I'd really like to get the brush sets because I'm also looking into make-up artistry as possibly a career.), nail polish, nail art stickers, lip gloss, and so much more. Here's the link:;jsessionid=3AFPRWJQ1E3XQCV0KRRRHOQ?command=text&attr1=Hello+Kitty&attr2=&

(Yes, it's a tad long . I'm sorry about that)
  I've already told you how much I love these sunglasses with the chains. So, you'll probably see frequent photography of them.
 Betsey Johnson! I love the jewerly boxes with the cheetah inside.<3
         As you'll see when you scroll after this photo, I was born with glitter in my veins. I LOVE glitter, sequins, and anything that sparkles when it catches light, (but not Edward Cullen), and these Converse, there just perfect.
 I know this doesn't really have anything to do with fashion, but last year, I took a Interior Design class, so I love decorating rooms. And one day, I'd love to add lights over my bed like this.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Letterman Jackets .

         I've noticed lately that Letterman Jackets are making there round through The Fashion Cycle again. Letterman's were really big back in the 60's and football players wore them. And if you were a girl that wore one, it meant that your boyfriend was a football player. But now, only girls wear them. And they have different variations of them. They have zip-ups, cardigans, sweaters, and button-up jackets. They have cheap Letterman jackets and all there variations,( even different colors than the classic red and white), at Forever 21. Here's some photography of the jacket:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Daily Outfits .

       To all the people who comment on my posts, I need your opinion. If you've noticed, I've added categories on the top of the blog. There's home, interviews, inspiration, and hair. I'd like to add one for daily outfits. It'd be like my favorite outfits that I where from a day to day basis, or of a outfit that I really like of my friends. Do you guys think I should add this page? Or do think it'd be like, conceded of me? Comments please !

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Interview #2 [ My Best friend Jenna(: ]

1.) How would describe your style?
     I would describe it as preppy but unique and comfortable.

2.) What's your favorite label?
     I love a lot of different labels, but I like Candies. Especially for shoes!

3.) What's your style inspiration? Or who?
     I get my inspiration from everywhere. Celebrities, magazines, and even some of my friends.

4.)Your must-have fall item?
     My new KATHY purse!

5.)What's your favorite store?
     Rue 21

6.) Your get dressed philosophy?
     To be yourself and be confident in whatever you're wearing.

I heart you, Jenna .<3

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fashion Photography [8/16/11]

 Wish more things were made in the glamorous USA instead of China...
 I heart these. I love putting these huge, extravagant things in my hair. And this one is just perfect.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pastels .

       Pastel's are such nice, feminine colors. And they're really nice when you have fair skin like I do in the winter. Usually, I like bright colors, but they're not the best for the winter. Bright colors are more for the summer when everything is bright to begin with. Today, I went shopping and I got some pastel shirts, and a pastel pink tutu mini skirt. (Which is amazing by the way, I'll put a photo up later don't worry.) Here's some photography of some pastel fashion, in case your fashion-impaired and don't know what pastel means. (; :

 Pastel Pink.
 Pastel blue; shorts. Pastel Yellow; shoes. Pastel Pink; Shirt .
Pastel Brown; Shorts. Pastel Pink; Shirt. Pastel Blue; Purse.

 Pastel blue, pink, and purple wedges.
I know this night be a little irrelevant, but there's still pastels colors in it. But I'm saving up for a blackberry, and this is what I'm going to do to a cover for it.(; Isn't it hot ? It's Juicy Couture.(:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Material Girl .

           One of my favorite lines out there is called Material Girl, and is sold exclusively at Macy's. It's made by Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes Maria. It's basically made for teens to express themselves through fashion. And the line is absolutely fabulous.(: There's so many different garments in there collection. You could have a dress with a diamond cut out of the back,( which I'm looking into buying). They have a ton cropped shirts,and a snake skin print skinny jeans. They've also moved onto lingerie and make-up. The first spokes model was Taylor Momsen, and now it's Kelly Osbourne. Here's some photography of the spokes models, and the line:
           Here's the Kelly Osbourne advertisement, promoting the Material Girl line.

 Here's last year's advertisements of Taylor Momsen, promoting the Material Girl line.

 Here's the original Material Girl, Madonna, the creator of the line.
 Here's Madonna's daughter, Lourdes Marie. But most people call her Lola. She is the maker of the make-up line of Material Girl. She also makes a lot of the desicions for the clothing part of the line.
 Here's some amazing shoes from the line:

        I couldn't get any of the clothing of the line, because you can't copy the photo's from the site. So, here;s the link instead:

Then here's the link to the blog:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shoes .

   So, by now, you've all probably guessed I have a shoe obsession. Here's the latest photography:

    I'm also obsesses with animal print.(: I love it so much.

   Studs are always something edgy to give to a otherwise feminine outfit.

 I heart these. There so sparkly!