Monday, August 15, 2011

Pastels .

       Pastel's are such nice, feminine colors. And they're really nice when you have fair skin like I do in the winter. Usually, I like bright colors, but they're not the best for the winter. Bright colors are more for the summer when everything is bright to begin with. Today, I went shopping and I got some pastel shirts, and a pastel pink tutu mini skirt. (Which is amazing by the way, I'll put a photo up later don't worry.) Here's some photography of some pastel fashion, in case your fashion-impaired and don't know what pastel means. (; :

 Pastel Pink.
 Pastel blue; shorts. Pastel Yellow; shoes. Pastel Pink; Shirt .
Pastel Brown; Shorts. Pastel Pink; Shirt. Pastel Blue; Purse.

 Pastel blue, pink, and purple wedges.
I know this night be a little irrelevant, but there's still pastels colors in it. But I'm saving up for a blackberry, and this is what I'm going to do to a cover for it.(; Isn't it hot ? It's Juicy Couture.(:


Maryann said...

OMGosh, you continue to amaze me with your knowledge and interest in fashion. You are very diverse. I enjoy reading your blog, so keep blogging, girl!!!