Sunday, August 14, 2011

Material Girl .

           One of my favorite lines out there is called Material Girl, and is sold exclusively at Macy's. It's made by Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes Maria. It's basically made for teens to express themselves through fashion. And the line is absolutely fabulous.(: There's so many different garments in there collection. You could have a dress with a diamond cut out of the back,( which I'm looking into buying). They have a ton cropped shirts,and a snake skin print skinny jeans. They've also moved onto lingerie and make-up. The first spokes model was Taylor Momsen, and now it's Kelly Osbourne. Here's some photography of the spokes models, and the line:
           Here's the Kelly Osbourne advertisement, promoting the Material Girl line.

 Here's last year's advertisements of Taylor Momsen, promoting the Material Girl line.

 Here's the original Material Girl, Madonna, the creator of the line.
 Here's Madonna's daughter, Lourdes Marie. But most people call her Lola. She is the maker of the make-up line of Material Girl. She also makes a lot of the desicions for the clothing part of the line.
 Here's some amazing shoes from the line:

        I couldn't get any of the clothing of the line, because you can't copy the photo's from the site. So, here;s the link instead:

Then here's the link to the blog: