Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shoes .

I'm obsessed with shoes. Like, absolutely obsessed. When there's a rainy day, I'll be a anti-social and look up shoes. When I move to New York City with my twin, we HAVE to have a closet specially assigned to shoes. I'm just OCD like that. Here's some really cute ones I've acquired throughout the years. Photo's that is. If I'd actually owned these, I'd be a happy girl.
I love these glitter shoes with the pictures on the bottom. It's like a show on your feet. When in front you'll see the glitter, when in back you'll glitter & a animal.

        Possibly a closet like this?
      These kind of shoes have a hidden platform. So, they look like your actually taller, and not just all heels.
         Don't bump into someone with these on account of them leaving scars.
      Even more so these.
         These are just plain fabulous.
 I saw these in the July issue of NYLON magazine. And I'd love to wear these with skinny jeans.
These I love because I'm in love with bows. I have this bow I put in my hair and it's fabulous. It takes up a whole side of my head, and it's really eye catching. Which, I kind of like.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hanna, great interview with Meghan. I enjoy reading your all your stories on fashion. great pictures too. N

Caron said...

Yup!! We're related!! I <3 SHOES too!!! :)