Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Runway Fashion .

      I absolutely adore runway fashion. It's always so peculiar and out-there. And it's just absolutely amazing. Because these designers are just so creative. I really wish I'll be able to have my own runway shows of my own. ( I really want to be fashion designer when I'm older. I'm already designing clothes!) Here's some photo's of some fabulous runway shows:

       I'm not really sure what designer this is, the website I got this photo from didn't really describe in detail. But it's still equally gorgeous. I love that whole rockstar-vibe with studs.
       This is a Burberry jacket. And let's be honest, we crave this jacket .
      This is a Christian Dior runway shot. It's so feminine and soft.
       These two photo's are from Victoria's Secret Fashion shows. Below is the model Behati Prinsloo. The wings in these shows are stunning, They must feel like queens wearing them.
     This is a Jil Sander's cocktail dress.

    And then there's this Louis Vuitton runway photo. It's from their Fall 2009 collection. And sometimes you get these really dark runway shoes. But there still nice, of course.