Wednesday, September 7, 2011


 I love excessive amount of jewelery soo much !


I've decided to do a entry on what I think is "sick". It'll be photography on basically everything. As in hair, make-up, clothing, and like I said, everything else. I may have one every week, like I do for Fashion Photography. Or whenever I have enough photo's for a entry like I do for the shoe photography. Or it may just just be once a month because I'm going to be very busy with school, volleyball, and gymnastics. And want to know something even cooler? I was at the model the other day and a modeling scout the other day! They stopped me while I was walking by the stores and I gave them all my basic information. Unfortunately, seeing I was so excited, I forgot to look at the name of the agency. So, I have to wait until they contact me to get more information for you guys.