Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cassie .

 So, if you've noticed, I really like doing this whole fashion with music thing. This post is kind of like that. Cassie, she's a female rapper who disappeared for awhile but she's making her comeback sometime soon. Anyway, my whole point toward this, is that she has amazing style and is true to herself. She's fearless, and to prove that she shaved half of her head. Which, she can pull of and one day I may thing of doing that because it just looks that awesome. There's a video before this post to show you what kind of rapper is and all that jazz and her fashion in videos. Here's some photography:

 Cassie and Nicki Minaj have actually collaborated with each other, and the song is amazing.
 I Heart these pink gloves.
 I've never seen a Chanel baseball hat, but I really want one now. Don't you ?
 Here's her new hairstyle. I'm going to apologize because some of these are new and some are old of Cassie.

 I love these next two photo's.