Friday, September 2, 2011

Rihanna .

 Cheetah! Beautifully casual.
 The wonderful Nicki Minaj with Rihanna. They collaborate a lot and they're friends in the music industry.
 I heart horizontal stripes this season.<3

 I love hair pieces like this.
          I'm sure by now that everyone knows that name Rihanna. She's a amazing singer and she has a amazing style. It's almost like a toned down Lady Gaga . Which isn't a insult. She has red hair that my sister wants to dye her hair. Although she's still pretty young, I don't think she'll be doing that anytime soon because I wasn't allowed to do that until I was almost 14. But when I was twelve, I highlighted my hair purple. Okay, getting back to topic. She just came out with a new record called Loud. It's my favorite record by her so far. Here's some photography of her and I'll post a video after this. (Note: The video will be on the bottom of this entry because I'll give you the information, then a video.)