Thursday, September 15, 2011

Inspiration .

We did this this thing in my advisory class, (kind of like homeroom), and we were talking about confidence. And that got me thinking of confidence. Of course I said Lady Gaga was my inspiration and some people wrote that they had no self-confidence. I mean, they might of just said that because they just wanted nothing to do with the class discussion. I know I do that sometimes. But I started looking at people's facing passing thought the hallways all hunched down and looking at the ground. And I thought that it was awful that they probably don't have confidence in myself. And that normally comes from people who have parents, and friends that don't believe in them. So, if anybody that reads this, just remember to believe in yourself and that the best fashion creations come from confidence that you know you can pull it off. <3 I'm sorry if some of you find this corny d:)


Maryann said...

Not corny at all!!!
Self confidence is a very important quality to have. It will opens doors of opportunity to those who believe in taking chances and that they CAN achieve their goals. I admire your confidence.......keep it up, girl!