Sunday, June 26, 2011

Taylor Swift Concert .

     Last night, I had the enchanting experience to go to a Taylor Swift concert for her Speak Now Tour. And, It was stunning. I can honestly say that I really didn't like Taylor Swift all that much. I mean, she had nice music, but I wasn't a hardcore fan. Boy, did last night change that. I absoutly love her now! She is just so inspiring and doesn't let the sound of 52,000 people get to her head. (Last night, Gillette Stadium sold out to 52,000 people.) Unfortunately, it started pouring. But she kept right through it thank God. Because my sister is truly and has always been the hardcore fan. I was just someone else to use a spare ticket. But I'm so grateful they chose me to go.(: We got to stay in the EMC Luxury suites, so we didn't get wet. Although, I think it would've been fun to dance in the rain like that. I got a shirt with her hair straight and I had a lot of people tell me how I look like her. My nana said that's why I got it. But, I really had no idea. I thought it just looked really pretty hanging on the wall. And I couldn't picture me wearing any of the other shirts. I probably just subconciously chose it.(;

     After the first half of the show, Taylor went to the other side of the stadium, and sat on this beautiful tree that spinned and lit up purple. She, said she wanted to hang out with the other side of the stadium, seeing the stage was only on one side of the stadium. I though that was really cool of her because the people on the other side probably couldn't see her that well.

 And, the photo's down below are just me admiring how beautifully Taylor dresses. <3